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    Natural Polished Diamonds Direct from cutters factories to Global End Buyers From India   GJEPC   IEC

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   CVD Diamonds are having exactly similar physical property like Natural Genuine Diamonds comes from Mining from deep earth, these are similar hardness similar lusture similar hardness similar Refractive Index similar Specific Gravity only Known Laboratories can identify CVD Diamonds from Natural Genuine Diamonds, an CVD Diamonds used in Jewelery will be as real looking  as Natural Diamonds last infinitely like Natural Diamonds will not lose colour or any kind of Damage in its light reflection refraction properties it will be a good scope for budget lovers to wear diamonds in a budget of -40 to -60% less prices compare to Genuine Natural Diamonds,

   We have Genuine Diamonds Trade since 30 years from Diamond Cutting Polishing  Jewelry making make to order for end buyers,,but have to keep CVD Diamonds also to offer buyers who wants CVD Diamonds and we offer then with a Official Decelaration  in sale invoices, and to clients while offering or selling then CVD Diamonds to sale CVD Diamonds without disclosure to buyers , or to mix CVD Diamonds in Genine Diamonds parcels, or to Cheat buyers by saling CVD Diamonds by declaration of sale of Genuine Natural Diamonds Price is a offence and our Gem and Jewelery xport promotion council is trying to settle these kind of crime  done or stoping to be done,


These CVD POlished Diamonds are G vvs clarity in VG VG VG cuts 1.00 mm to 1.6 mm sizes mix or seperately packed as ordered at price 200.00USD$ a carat minimum order 20 Carats shipping cost to any abroad country is 200USD$ we ship Officially through India Customs through FedEx , Brinks or any shipping compny buyer prefers, our shipments are totally Insure till buyer's Doorsteps.

specific amount for specific order
specific amount for specific order

How CVD Diamonds are made:  https://youtu.be/YTML-JGRfMc